Why culture?

Culture is beholden to the state, tyrannised by the market and riddled with complicity. The cultural field is an ideological battlefield.

Why this?

It is said that we are living in a meritocracy, in which those with talent and tenacity will thrive. In reality, we inhabit a mediocracy, in which turgid gatekeepers deflect the dynamic and questioning, for fear it will topple them, or, worse, co-opt the dynamic and questioning to nefarious ends. We no longer need their institutions; we are building our own, without walls and without limitations.


The Centre for Cultural Change is an association of creative thinkers, committed to unravelling the prevailing ideology and considering the damaging effects of its pursuit. We believe that ideas can shape actions which engender change.


The Centre for Cultural Change undertakes research that is not being conducted elsewhere. We look at every aspect of culture, including not only the arts and literature but also the economy, media, environment, education and gender. We prioritise qualitative, investigative, creative methodologies.


The Centre for Cultural Change is entirely reliant on contributions from individuals and organisations with a desire to precipitate cultural change. We accept the risks that this entails.